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Russia’s withdrawal from Syria

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Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin

A political solution for Syria seems to be top priority for both Moscow and Washington. To achieve it, Russia and the US supported two important decisions: “To stop financing terrorism” and “to impose a political settlement”.

 On the practical side, the process included some essential steps like preparing the lists of terrorist groups and then enforcing the ceasefire. US and Russia sought some effective tactics to remove obstacles facing talks in Geneva and to start the political process. As such, one expects the parties involved in the Syrian crisis to be subjected to pressure, each by its ally. Most of the current developments can be linked to the wish of the international community to make all the parties to the Syrian crisis ready to accept a “political solution”. The Russian partial military withdrawal can be viewed from this perspective. After five months of Russian military intervention, the environment for a political solution seems to have been created.

Russia helped stem Daesh’s expansion, change the balance of power in the country, lessen the risks posed by terrorists, impose a ceasefire and, hopefully, push Syrian factions to reach reconciliation. The timing of the Russian withdrawal of troops has a political message. But Moscow kept its two military bases on the Syrian coast of the Mediterranean. Apparently Moscow believes a political process for Syria can be launched, but it is not that interested in changing the balance of power in the interest of any group. The international community should work to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis if it wishes to maintain the stability of the region.

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Amer Al Sabaileh

International Public Relation, Goverment Sector, Business and Human Develpoment, Strategic Analysis.

Member of the teaching staff department of the European languages and Studies University of Jordan – Amman.

Doctorate, Italian Studies University of Pisa “ Arabic and Islamic influence on the other’ s life concepts in the Mediterranean area in the medieval age.

Peace Building and Reconciliation University of Coventry, UK

Master’s degree, Education to peace , International Co – operation, Human Rights and the Politics of the European Union.

Bachelor’s degree-higher diploma, Italian and English literature-Douple Major.

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