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Amer Al Sabaileh

Amer Al Sabaileh

International Public Relation, Goverment Sector, Business and Human Develpoment, Strategic Analysis.

Member of the teaching staff department of the European languages and Studies University of Jordan – Amman.

Doctorate, Italian Studies University of Pisa “ Arabic and Islamic influence on the other’ s life concepts in the Mediterranean area in the medieval age.

Peace Building and Reconciliation University of Coventry, UK

Master’s degree, Education to peace , International Co – operation, Human Rights and the Politics of the European Union.

Bachelor’s degree-higher diploma, Italian and English literature-Douple Major.

Website URL:

Recent developments in Syria

Giovedì, 21 Luglio 2016 19:16 Published in Medio Oriente

Since 2012, the US and its allies have many a time attempted to build a military power capable of holding its own in Syria. The last attempt, the “New Syrian Army” was a failure, as it was unable to liberate the area near Al Bukamal, in eastern Syria near the borders with Iraq, from Daesh. However, the failed mission might be the last concrete chance for the Obama administration to create a strong ally on the ground in Syria.

Keeping up to date with challenges

Martedì, 29 Marzo 2016 10:09 Published in Medio Oriente

Since the first intervention of the Russian military in Syria, the battle against Daesh had turned to a new breadth. The terrorist group started to broaden its target map, trying to prove its capacity to rule everywhere.

Russia’s withdrawal from Syria

Mercoledì, 23 Marzo 2016 15:34 Published in Medio Oriente

A political solution for Syria seems to be top priority for both Moscow and Washington. To achieve it, Russia and the US supported two important decisions: “To stop financing terrorism” and “to impose a political settlement”.

Last-minute attempt at peace making?

Lunedì, 14 Marzo 2016 11:55 Published in Medio Oriente

In the Middle East, people are used to seeing the US president in his last months in office attempt to relaunch the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. This seems to be the case with President Barack Obama who, according to Wall Street Journal, will try to follow the path of his predecessors by trying to revive the peace talk during the final months of his presidency.

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